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Luber Finer 

Harlow Filter has been providing the highest quality air filter, oil filter, and fuel filter solutions since 1936, and we have only been around that long because of the brands we partner with. Luber Finer is a world leader in providing filtration solutions to fit any industry's needs. With a selection that ranges from air filtration options, to oil filter, fuel filters, and Hydraulic and coolant filters, Luber Finer is able to provide what you need when you need it. 

Since their launch Luber Finer has been a driving innovation force within the filter industry. Harlow Filter is a proud partner of Luber Finer and are looking forward to continuing our relationship so that you can have access to the finest air, oil, and fuel filters on the market today.  

Harlow Filter Supply Features 

Most competitive prices for Luber Finer Filter options anywhere on the market 

High performing filter options as measured by OEM filter requirements 

Great selection 

Knowledgeable, expert service

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One of the goals here at Harlow Filter is to make sure that our customers have access to the filter solutions they need when they need them. Our relationship with Luber Finer allows us to do just that. With access to the whole line of filter options offered by Luber Finer, there is no better place to go for your filtration needs than Harlow Filter Supply. You can call us today at 800.638.5576 or shop our selection of Luber Finer products online.