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Jonell Filtration Group

When you look up Jonell you will find a launch date of 1967, and this is true. Jonell has been in business producing some of the highest quality filtration solutions on the market since the late 1960’s, but that is also misleading. Jonell Filtration Group is not just Jonell, but rather three separate filtration solution providers that came together to make sure that they can provide top of the line oil, fuel, and water filters to their customers. Jonell Filtration Group is comprised of not only Jonell, but also Nowata (formerly Mahle), and JXP. Nowata themselves started out in 1907, and JXP Systems also has over a century of experience in the filtration solutions space.    

Jonell Filtration Group has locations in the US (Texas & Oklahoma) as well as across the globe. Jonell has a presence in the Middle East, France, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, and more. Harlow Filter Supply is proud to partner with Jonell to bring you top of the market filtration solutions at a reasonable cost. Shop for your Jonell Filtration Group products today at Harlow Filter Supply.  

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Harlow Filter Supply offers an unbeatable selection of Jonell products for you to choose from. Our expert staff is here and ready to answer any question you might have regarding your next filter or filter accessory purchase. Trust the experts at Harlow Filter Supply today.  You can call us at 800.638.5576. You can use our online store to find the filter you need as well.