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Harlow Filter Supply is one of the leading names in filtration solution providers, and we would not be able to keep that position in the market without our partnership with Parker Racor Filtration. Racor is at the heart of Parker Hannifin Corps filtration division and makes up one of our strongest product lines. Take a few moments and see why Harlow Filter Supply chooses to supply our customers with Racor filtration products, and how they can help you keep your life moving.     

Get To Know Racor Filtration 

Racor Filtration is one part of a massive global company. You have probably heard of Parker Hannifin Corps, and if you haven’t we would love to talk to you so we can find out how you were able to keep yourself sheltered for so long with so much success. When it comes to dealing with Parker Hannifin, and Racor Filtration, there are three main reasons (outside of the premium quality of their filter products) that make it a slam dunk decision. 

  • Clean Technology: In today’s world you cannot seem to go a day without hearing something about, “Going Green”, Climate Change, or Minimizing a Carbon Footprint. Here at Harlow Filter, we are dedicated to working with suppliers that are actively trying to find a balance between those that would see everyone go green immediately and those that can’t see the value. We believe that a middle ground in this area is what will ultimately save the day in this regard, and Racor Filtration and Parker Hannifin are doing just that. By deploying tech that is both safer for the environment and still allows for those that need to deal in the more traditional technologies, they are serving both sides of this debate and leaving no one behind. We like that. 

  • Working for a Better Tomorrow: In addition to their efforts in the climate space, they are also working towards common sense solutions to those problems that seem to have a simple answer that some simply don’t see or want to explore. This kind of forward thinking leadership is something that helped turn Harlow Filter Supply into the thought leader we are in the filtration solution market, and we want to partner with others that share that same kind of thinking. 

  • True Partnership with Their Employees: Harlow Filter Supply has always been big on trying to help our employees grow and succeed. Racor Filtration does the same thing. By supporting their employees in their endeavors and providing opportunities for growth both professionally and personally, Parker Hannifin and Racor are blazing the same path of employee success and empowerment that we highly value here at Harlow.  

Let Harlow Filter Help You Today

Racor Filtration is one of the most recognized and respected names in the filtration solutions market. Harlow Filter Supply is one of the most respected and recognized names when it comes to providing top quality filtration products from reputable and trustworthy suppliers. Partnering with Parker Racor was not really a choice as much as it was just a matter of time. Get your Racor filter products today at Harlow Filter Supply.  We have several easy ways to get the filter products you need. Use our Online Store to find your products and make your purchase or visit our Dallas or Houston, Texas store locations.