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Another day and another installment in our Get to Know Our Suppliers series here at Harlow Filter Supply. While we are proud of every supplier we deal with, there are few that have as cool a backstory as Donaldson Filtration Solutions. Donaldson has become a staple of our filtration supply lineup here at Harlow Filter Supply, and they will continue to be one for as long as they keep producing some of the industry's top products. Take a few minutes and find out what makes Donaldson the industry leader that they are, and how humble beginnings can become a 3.4 Billion dollar behemoth.  

Get To Know Donaldson Filtration Solutions

One of the first things you read about Donaldson Filtration Solutions on their website is that they have been around for over 100 years, making them one of the oldest companies we carry here at Harlow Filter Supply. To go along with that 100 plus years of experience is also one of the coolest origin stories we have ever heard outside of a comic book. 

In 1915 Frank Donaldson Sr was selling Bull Tractors. One day he was visiting with a customer who had an issue with his tractor breaking down repeatedly in the dusty field. Frank Donaldson had an idea and fashioned what would become the world's first air filter for a tractor for his customer. It worked so well that Mr. Donaldson took his design and introduced it to the market, and this is how the Donaldson Company was born. 

The sky was the limit for Donaldson from that moment on. 30 years after creating the Donaldson Company in a dusty field, they opened their first international facility in Ontario, Canada. 29 years after that Donaldson acquired Torit and cemented their position in the industrial dust collection space, and now bring in over 3.4 Billion dollars, have over 2800 US patents, operate in over 40 countries, and have over 100 technical laboratories. Since 2014 Donaldson has acquired over 11 separate companies to continue their expansion and strengthen their position in the filtration industry. Quite a ways away from the dusty field and the hand fashioned tractor air cleaner. 

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With so many options available, Harlow Filter Supply is dedicated to making sure you are able to get the best filtration parts and supplies available. Carrying the Donaldson line helps us do just that. Besides their over 100 years of industry excellence, they are just a great quality brand that was born right here in the United States. Take a moment and look through the Donaldson Company products that we have available. You can use our convenient Online Store to make your purchase or come into our Dallas or Houston Texas store locations. We can’t wait to help you find the filter and filtration supplies you need.