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Get To Know Our *NEW* Supplier: Davco

That's right, we have a new supplier to add to our already impressive list of vendors. DAVCO has officially entered the fold, and is available for purchase both in-store and through our website This is one that we are really excited about. We will be carrying all of their Highway, Off-Road, and Industrial Filtration housings as well as all associated service parts. With over 40 years of  experience providing some of the highest quality fuel filtration systems on the market, DAVCO is truly going to help us here at Harlow Filter Supply provide the very best experience for you and every one of our amazing customers. Take a second and read a little bit about the newest member of the Harlow Filter Supply lineup and which of their products we are most excited about.     

DAVCO and Their Products  

DAVCO has been responsible for a multitude of fuel filtration advances over their 46 years serving the industry. Among those advances are the creation of the Fuel Pro line of products and the Diesel Pro line. Harlow Filter Supply is proud to carry both of these product lines, and are especially excited about the three following products in particular. 


  • DP243: The Diesel Pro 243, or DP243, is designed for Class 4 - 6 trucks, pickup trucks, refrigeration units, as well as school buses. The DP243 combines fuel filtration, fuel/water separation, and the ability to preheat the fuel filter into one compact unit that is great for diesel engines with a flow rate of up to 60 Gallons Per Hour. Give us a call today to find out how you can add the DP243 to your order today.   


  • FP382: As with the DP243, the FP382 represents the Fuel Pro 382. The Fuel Pro 382 has a more limited application than the DP243, but is capable of handling 3 times the fuel flow that the Diesel Pro is able to handle. At 180 Gallons Per Hour, the FP382 is designed for Class 7 & 8 Trucks. This is all while still providing the perfect marriage between fuel filtration, water & fuel separation, and the filter preheating in a single compact unit. Talk to us about it today.  


  • FP483: The Fuel Pro 483 offers the same level of performance (180 GPH) as the FP382, but with an added application that the Fuel Pro 382 does not offer. That is the ability to service On/Off Highway Heavy Duty engines. This is an important aspect of this product that should not be overlooked. Make sure you are doing your part in caring for those heavy duty engines that we all depend on and grab your DAVCO FP382 at Harlow Filter Supply today.   


Talk to Us About Ordering Your DAVCO Part Today


Harlow Filter Supply is so happy to add a product line as respected and committed to quality as DAVCO. Their Fuel Pro and Diesel Pro product lines are sure to help our customers take care of their diesel engines, and help keep them on the road longer. Talk to one of us today about how you can add DAVCO pruning to your next order. Shop our Online Store today to find all of the filtration parts and supplies you need to keep your engine going strong.