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Get To Know Our Suppliers: Luber Finer

One of the ways that Harlow Filter Supply is working to keep itself in the position of one of the leading filtration product suppliers on market is by working to educate our customers on not only filter products themselves, but also on the people that manufacture the filter products that we supply. Luber-finer® has been a leader in the filter manufacturing market for just about as long as Harlow Filter Supply has been around so it makes sense that we would not only carry their excellent products, but also boast a little about the partnership that we have been able to cultivate with one of the best filter companies around. Take a second and learn a little bit about Luber Finer and why Harlow Filter Supply is proud to offer their filters to our customers.  

About Luber Finer

Luber-finer started in 1936, and cut their teeth in the filtration industry by supplying amazing filter products to the racing circuits of the time. Founded in California, Luber Finer has always been a product that was known for excellent performance and reliability. For over 34 years, Luber Finer was able to carve out their spot as one of the best the industry has ever had. 

In 1970, others started to realize the value of Luber Finer and they were acquired by Champion Laboratories. Champion is one of the world's largest producers of vehicle parts, and it makes sense that they added one of the best filter producers to their already impressive lineup of vehicle part manufacturers. In 2020, both Luber-finer and Champion Laboratories were acquired by First Brands Group, and are now part of one of the largest vehicle parts suppliers on the planet. Pretty impressive rise from a racing filter supplier in California to a world leader in vehicle parts manufacturing. 

Through cutting edge technology, proactive innovation, and top quality manufacturing Luber-finer has become a brand that everyone can trust to get the job done, no matter what that job is. Their filtration products are some of the most reliable and top quality products on the market, and Harlow Filter Supply is proud to have them on our shelves and in our warehouse ready to ship to you.

What’s Next

Harlow Filter Supply has been providing the best the industry has to offer in the way of filtration products since 1936. With oil, air, and fuel filters to fit almost any application, as well as offering filtration supplies for a number of industries, there is no better place to get your next filter. The fact that Luber-finer is one of our cornerstone brands simply backs up our promise to provide our customers with excellent products, amazing customer service, and the knowledge to help you get the job done. Trust the experts at Harlow Filter Supply today. You can order your next filter online by visiting our website or by coming into either of our store locations in both Dallas, Texas or Houston, Texas. Harlow Filter Supply is your source for all of your filter needs.